Liquid Assets: New York's Watersheds & Waterways

Explore New York's complex water-supply system and how it illuminates the city's relationship with its surrounding region.

New York’s Golden Ice Age

A conversation celebrating the city's golden age of figure skating and ice hockey, followed by virtuosic skating in the Museum's Rotunda!

Epic Histories with Mike Wallace and Nell Irvin Painter

Historians Mike Wallace and Nell Irvin Painter discuss the rewards and challenges of writing sweeping narrative history.

Performance & Protest in Public Art

Tania Bruguera and Kate Gilmore examine performance art as a medium for critiquing politics, gender, and society.

Immigrants and the Sanctuary City: Then & Now

How does the current moment for immigrants in NYC look against the the city’s historic identity as the nation’s "melting pot"?

  • 1220 Fifth Ave at 103rd St., Open Daily 10am–6pm


    For Families Monday, February 19, 9:00am

    LGBTQ Teen Summit

    Celebrate the intersections of LGBTQ culture, history, and art amongst peers and allies during a prideful day for teens and youth.