For Families Tuesday, February 21, 11:00am

Framing the City

What do you love about New York City? Design a frame to showcase your favorite places or memories.
For Families Wednesday, February 22, 11:00am

Winter Scene Painting

Take in the wonderland that is New York City in the winter! Explore images from our collections and use your imagination to create a wonderful winter artwork of your own!
For Families Thursday, February 23, 11:00am

Photo Fun

Get inspired by vintage and contemporary photographs of New York City, then try your hand at our photo station to create a photo of yourself!
For Families Friday, February 24, 11:00am

Wearable Art

Explore mid-1870s and early 20th-century costumes, jewelry, portraits, and decorative objects, then use beads and gems to create a unique jewelry piece to wear home!
For Families Sunday, February 26, 11:00am

Paint like Pollock

Discover art works by some of New York City’s most iconic artists and create a painting of your own using various pouring and dripping techniques!