For Families Monday, July 17, 11:00am

Create an Activist Badge

Learn about key social movements, leading activists, and ordinary New Yorkers who have exercised their power to shape the city’s and the nation’s future. Create a badge to inspire change!
For Families Wednesday, July 19, 11:00am

Liberty Body Drawings

Discover how the Statue of Liberty became an icon of national freedom in New York at Its Core. Create a body drawing incorporating the symbolism of this inspiring statue!
For Families Saturday, July 22, 11:00am

Graffiti Mural

Explore graffiti styles throughout New York City history in New York at Its Core. Then design your own signature style of writing to contribute to our graffiti mural!
For Families Monday, July 24, 11:00am

Build a Bridge for the City

Learn about the many types of bridges in the city and discuss some examples, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, in New York at Its Core. Design and build a model bridge of your own!