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    New York At Its Core Exhibition

    In this cutting-edge interactive space, explore five central challenges and opportunities that New York will face in coming generations:

    Making a Living: What can we do to provide economic opportunities for the next generation?
    Living Together: How can we foster a more inclusive city?
    Housing a Growing Population: How can we meet the housing needs of New Yorkers?
    Living with Nature: How can New York City enhance its natural environment and cope with climate change?
    Getting Around: How can we make it easier for people to get into and around the city?

    The Future City Lab gives you the opportunity to interact with these issues, to imagine the city’s future by designing a street, a building, and a park, and to discover ways of addressing the challenges, drawing ideas from cities around the world. Also on view are photographs by Joseph Michael Lopez, who depicts how the challenges we face are manifested in 20 different neighborhoods, short films that portray the lives of a wide range of New Yorkers, and a newly commissioned work by video artist Neil Goldberg featuring interviews with New Yorkers on their fears and hopes for the city’s future.

    Image credit: BIG/Rebuild by Design competition

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    In Depth

    What if...

    The What If Table in the Future City Lab offers the views of knowledgeable New Yorkers on a variety of questions and encourages visitors to submit their own questions and reactions.

    Behind the Scenes

    Old New York and new New York intersect in the work of street photographer Joseph Michael Lopez, who photographed 20 neighborhoods throughout New York City for the Future City Lab

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