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Strike Pickets, 1910. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Two women strikers from the Ladies Tailors union stand on the picket line during the "Uprising of the 20,000" garment workers strike.

In a town renowned for its in-your-face persona, citizens have banded together on issues as diverse as historic preservation, civil rights, wages, sexual orientation, and religious freedom. Inspired by the ongoing exhibition Activist New York, which presents the ideas and conflicts that underlie New York City’s history of agitation, this program series looks at how a legacy of social activism shapes the city we know today.

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Performances Wednesday, February 28, 6:30pm

Performance & Protest in Public Art

Artists Tania Bruguera and Kate Gilmore discuss performance art as a medium for critiquing politics, gender, and society with Risë Wilson, founder of The Laundromat Project.
Talks Tuesday, March 6, 6:30pm

Immigrants and the Sanctuary City

Historians, activists, and experts contextualize the current climate for immigrants in New York against the city’s historic identity as the nation’s melting pot.
Talks Sunday, March 25, 1:00pm

Looking Beyond Suffrage

In celebration of Women’s History Month, leading scholars trace the often untold story of women’s activism.

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Activist New York is the inaugural exhibition in The Puffin Foundation Gallery, which is dedicated to the ways in which ordinary New Yorkers have exercised their power to shape the city's and the nation's future.

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