P Credit Course: Capturing the City Through the Camera: Documenting New York's History

When: August 14 – 19, 9:00am - 4:00pm
Price: $250 Museum Course Fee
Arthur Rothstein, Frank Bauman. Collection of the Museum of the City of New York.
Arthur Rothstein, Frank Bauman for Look magazine. Changing New York, 1957. Collection of the Museum of the City of New York X2011.4.7552-57.118C.

Course Information

  • 3 P Credits (with ASPDP registration)
  • 36 course hours
  • The Museum of the City of New York is a CTLE certified provider.


Course Description

In this dynamic six session program, educators will learn how to use the camera to capture their personal relationship to New York City while learning the history behind some of the city’s most iconic structures and places.

Capturing the City through Camera will expose educators to a blend of history, urban observation, and the art and practice of photography. Participants will learn about a variety of photographic techniques and processes, including point-of-view, cyanotype prints, and portraiture. Throughout the course, educators will view and discuss photographs both from the Museum’s collection and those taken by course participants. Educators will hone their skills through observation and discussion, enriching and improving their own work each week. At the end of the course, these educators will curate their best photographs and combine them with photographs from the Museum’s collection to form their final projects.

Each participant will have the opportunity to explore the Museum’s collections via exhibitions and behind-the-scenes archive and digital lab tours and will gain experience using digital cameras to develop their compositional skills considering the lighting, framing, perspective, and tone of the images they produce.

In addition to photographing the major components of the city, such as buildings, parks, landmarks, and people, participants will study important photographers such as Jacob Riis, Berenice Abbott, and Stanley Kubrick. Each session will focus on one of these subjects and will incorporate a viewing of important works from the Museum’s renowned photography collection, lively discussions, guest visits from curators, neighborhood field trips with exciting photographic projects, and sharing sessions to present participant work. Highlights from the Museum’s collection will illustrate how photographers use their craft as an outlet for personal expression and to describe their relationship to the city. Participants will set personal goals for what types of photographs they hope to take throughout the course. The course will support the Danielson Framework by inviting participants to create and adhere to specific goals for the course, and supports the Common Core State Standards by practicing text analysis via the historical photographs educators will encounter daily.


All online registration has closed and the course is sold out. For participants who need to complete their registration with the Museum, please call 917.492.3492 or 917.492.3403. For participants who need to complete their registration with ASPDP, please call 718.935.5753.


About P Credit Courses

The Museum of the City of New York offers Professional Credit (P Credit) Courses throughout the year. These courses are open to all educators, including educators not eligible for credits through the New York City Department of Education. All participating teachers receive CTLE credits.

P Credit in-service courses are offered in conjunction with the New York City Department of Education’s After School Professional Development Program (ASPDP) and can be applied towards teachers' 30+ salary differential. ASPDP courses may also be used by teachers and paraprofessionals toward the NYS 175 hours of Professional Development requirement, as long as their principal approves. For more information on DOE salary differentials, please visit their website.

Find out more about all of the P Credit Courses offered by the Museum on our P Credit page

While this course is now sold out, we encourage you to consider our other P Credit Course this summer, New York at Its Core: Examining Our City’s Past, Present, and Future.

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