City as Canvas Limited Edition Print Launch
Saturday, August 16 from noon–5:00 pm

Join us for a special meet & greet with City as Canvas featured artists, who will sign limited edition prints along with posters, t-shirts, and other exhibition merchandise.

City Museum members receive a 20% discount on all shop purchases!

Featured artists include:

  • LEE (Lee Quiñones), the artist behind the exhibition's iconic "Howard the Duck" centerpiece
  • SKEME, also a legendary writer of New York in the '80s and prominently featured in the classic hip-hop film Style Wars
  • SPONE (Greg Lamarche), an accomplished collage artist who got his start tagging walls and spray-painting subways in the '80s
  • Dr. Revolt, a contributor to the films Wild Style and Style Wars, active in the '80s East Village art gallery scene, and creator of the classic YO! MTV Raps logo
  • KR.ONE (Louie Gasparro), author of Don1, the King from Queens: The Life and Photos of a NYC Transit Graffiti Master

LEE will sign and number two new editions for the Shop, "The Lion's Den" and "Lee Returns Again."

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