Join us for the City Museum's P Credit courses for educators featuring leading historians, engaging gallery tours, and hands-on workshops. Read more below for details about the courses and how to register.

Course Information


Are you looking for P Credit courses during the school year? The City Museum is proud to unveil a new P Credit model offered with the support of the Office of Afterschool Professional Development Programs (ASPDP). Choose from any of the following options to create your own P Credit course.

Option 1: Two eligible full-day workshops = 1 P Credit. Museum Fee = $100, ASPDP Fee = $45.00

Option 2: Two- Day Series "Reading, Writing, and Documenting the Five Boroughs" = 1 P Credit. Museum Fee = $120, ASPDP Fee = $45.00

Option 3: Five afterschool lectures = 1 P Credit. Museum Fee = $60, ASPDP Fee = $45.00. This option is available in the fall.

Option 4: All of the above (two full-day workshops, two-day five boroughs series, five afterschool lectures) = 3 P Credits. Museum Fee $260, ASPDP Fee = $125.00. This option is available in the fall.

Choose from the full listing of the City Museum's professional development programs, found here.

General Information

P Credit In-Service courses offered through the Department of Education and partnering institutions are high-quality courses that may be applied to salary differential requirements and to the NYS 175 hour professional development requirement to maintain Professional Certification.

The offerings support teachers as they work toward aligning curriculum and instructional priorities with Common Core State Standards.

For more information about P Credit Courses, visit ASPDP's website here.
For more information about Professional Development at the Museum of the City of New York, contact EY Zipris at

Course Payment Details:

Step 1: Payment by credit card of a non-refundable ASPDP course fee must be paid at the time of registration. Once payment has been made the participants will receive an e-mail confirmation from ASPDP.

Step 2: Payment of the Educational Partner fee to the Museum. Please call 917.492.3492 to register for a P Credit option.

Please note that registration and payment on the ASPDP website are required first in order to receive P credit. Participants can pay the Educational Partner fee over the phone or by check or money order on the first day of class. Please make checks and money orders payable to Museum of the City of New York.